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A diagnostic assessment describes the exact nature of a mental health problem, which helps to select the best treatment options. A legally recognized diagnosis can only be legally provided by a psychologist or psychiatrist and is often necessary to obtain insurance benefits, disability payments, court judgments,
sick leave, and funding for treatment.

Advancing Mind provides evidence-based treatments for a wide variety of mental health problems.
Therapy with a psychologist will help you to discover more helpful perspectives to overcome your problems and achieve your goals.

Lost productivity and employee dissatisfaction due to personality conflicts, harassment, sexual misconduct, chronic sick leave, and violent incidents is a significant impediment to organizational success. Psychologically screening job applicants will identify problems that will not be detected in a conventional job interview.

Advancing mind helps you see the big picture

Advancing Mind provides psychological services by only doctoral level clinicians who have more specialized training in human problem-solving than any other mental health profession. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service to our clients.

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Assessment Steps



Talk with your doctor and describe your current situation. This will include a review your personal, family, work, social, and medical history.

Psychometric Testing


Complete psychological tests to help us better understand the nature and severity of your problems.



Receive a written report with our diagnosis of your problems and our recommendations for treatment.

Treatment Services

We provide only doctoral level and evidence-based psychological therapy. We emphasize improving your self-control strategies to correct mental, emotional, behavioral, and relationship difficulties. Our services are based on an integration of cognitive-behavioral therapies with mindfulness and body-based interventions.

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Addictions
  • Anger
  • Trauma
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic pain
  • Marriage and family issues

General Questions

If you are experiencing significant emotional distress, and if neither you, nor your friends and family have been able to solve your problems, then it’s time to ask for the help of a professional problem-solver.

There is still much stigma and lack of understanding about mental health problems. Many people believe that asking for help with a problem they cannot solve is a sign of weakness, when it is actually a sign of strength. Avoiding a problem will not solve it.

Psychologists help you to understand yourself more deeply and bring high-level problem-solving strategies to complex situations that have previously been unsolvable. Our approach helps you to replace old thought patterns and habits that are no longer useful with more creative strategies to be happier and more productive. The length of treatment depends on the complexity and severity of the problem, as well as how hard you work to achieve your therapeutic goals.

First, check to see if psychological services are covered by your employer or your health insurance provider. They can tell you how many hours they will cover and at what rate. Then call us for more details. Our rates vary based on the type and length of services you need. We will provide a free 15 minute consultation, including an estimation of costs.

Our aim is to make specialized psychological care available everywhere, especially in underserviced communities.

Personnel Services

General Employee Screening


A commitment to establishing and maintaining a healthy workplace environment begins with screening candidates who apply for employment. A small investment in more carefully evaluating the mental health status of job applicants can significantly reduce the likelihood of sick days, reduced productivity, and other human resources problems.

Security / First Responder Screening


Applicants typically present “rose colored” views of themselves in job interviews. High stress work environments require employees with good stress management skills. We assess vulnerability and resiliency factors to minimize the risk of future workplace problems.

Ongoing Monitoring


Existing employees may present well initially, but become disgruntled or develop mental health problems over time. Periodic monitoring of existing employees is proactive for maintaining a healthy workplace. Early detection of job performance difficulties can ensure that employees get the help they need quickly and before serious harm to themselves or others.



We can provide: crisis management and debriefing for workplace incidents; psycho-educational information for personal/workplace issues; health and wellness coaching to improve employee motivation, productivity, and satisfaction; and short-term counselling for personal/workplace problems.

Why choose Advancing Mind


We have over 30 years of licensed professional experience providing psychological services for in-patient and out-patient hospitals, community mental health clinics, schools, prisons, employee assistance programs, military, and private practice settings.


Getting help in the security and privacy of your own home means you will never be observed entering or leaving an office. Your information is protected by doctor-patient confidentiality.


Evidence-based research shows online services are equivalent to in-person services. Major funders such as governments and insurance companies already support the use of online psychological services.


If there are no psychologists near your home, you can still get the help you need online. If you have mobility or transportation difficulties, you can still get help.


There is no time lost in travel to your appointments, and there is less disruption to your daily responsibilities.

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